Postcards from a tortoise ranch

Sometimes I'm reporting on politics and national news, and I wonder why I'm even working as a journalist and writer in this era when all of the news is so, so, bad. And just when you think it can't get any worse, it always does.

But sometimes, being a reporter is the bee's knees.

This past week I took a trip to a tortoise ranch as part of a big story I'm working on at PHOENIX Magazine, and got to visit with some Galapagos tortoises, Golden Greek 4 toed tortoises, Aldabra tortoises, Burmese tortoises and way more.

My favorites were, of course, the Galapagos dinosaurs. They're massive — usually around 250 pounds — and such sweet babies. When they suck their head and neck into their shell, they make a "hissing" noise that was, at first, a bit off-putting. But they aren't hissing: they're just sucking in air so they can make sure everything fits in their shell home.

You can read my full feature on the beasts in Februarys issue of PHOENIX Magazine.

Watch the bois eat:

And ask for pets:

Big, lovable dinos.

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