A Playlist for January

Happy January! I’m a chump for resolutions, new beginnings, all that shit. Sign me up, put me in charge of the club, it’s time for my Virgo ass to shine.

I got sick of Christmas music in like 14 hours, so I had plenty of time to find song for January that don't make me fall into a capitalist nightmare. Coming back to work has been tough, no matter how much I truly adore my job, and good music tends to help, including discovering Davie well after everyone else and remembering Troye Sivan after I took a very long hiatus from his music. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!

1. Testify — Davie

2. Monument – Live In Mumbai — Mutemath

3. The Hamptons — Transviolet

4. Roll With Me — Davie

5. My My My! — Troye Sivan

6. Outgoing — Ariza, Emily C. Browning

7. Hotel Room — Delaney Jane

8. Crowded Places — BANKS

9. Cobwebs — Lee Neu

10. Drinking Games — Silver

11. Heart It Races — Dr. Dog

12. Compass — The Neighbourhood

13. Darling Don’t — Silver

14. 1950 — King Princess

15. Get Me out of Here — Caleb Elliott

16. Simple Love — Lindsey Lomis